About Campbell

There are few people for which the term, ‘Born to perform’ is truer than it is for Campbell Black.

 Born and raised in the east-end of Glasgow. Campbell, from a very young age displayed almost a natural affinity for performing. Only for his family however, as Campbell was, almost contradictorily, a very shy and introverted young man.

 This all began to change when Campbell was taken under the wing of local expert, Roddy McGhie. Roddy started to teach Campbell, not only the technical side of things but also the performance side! This gave Campbell the little bit of confidence he required and through forcing himself to go out and perform for the public from the age of 10 Campbell began to gradually evolve from that shy introvert to the confident extrovert he is today! Not only in his professional life but in his every day life too, able to talk to and engage with anyone and everyone he meets with what has been described as a confident, charming and comical demeanour.

 Through the years, Campbell developed his own patter and style of performing and is able to adapt to any and all situations presented to him. One of the proudest moments of Campbell's life is when he won the entertainer of the year award amongst his peers.

 He has been lucky enough to perform for everyday people and big names alike and has also had the fortunate opportunity of performing all across the world. From all over Scotland to holiday resorts in Spain, to the Swiss national day parade in Adelboden, to outside the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, to YOUR next event. Campbell practices every single day and is never happier than when he is performing!


1 Winton Gardens, Uddingston

G71 6AQ


07501 475367




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